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  • Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

Queer-Owned Business Branding

Last summer I was contacted by queer founder and small business systems and strategy expert, Alexander Agent, about doing a rebrand for his digital organization consultancy, Pain In the Assistant.

Alexander is a savvy, dynamic and talented entrepreneur whom I'd met during one of our Los Angeles LGBTQ Chamber events. His business is growing quickly and he knew it was time to implement strong, personalized imagery into his online presence and marketing efforts.

Besides Nicolette’s fun yet professional energy, I liked how versatile her portfolio is. I was inspired about what was creatively possible from seeing so many other success stories, and the sheer volume of other happy clients opened my eyes to the different avenues that I could use these photos for.

I knew the feel of my brand—casual, warm, fun, thoughtful … I had a vision to showcase the limitlessness of remote work by incorporating the outdoors and a picnic-in-the-park setting. Everything else was collaborative.

In designing his session, we mapped out the locations and what outfits as well as styling and shot lists would integrate into his chosen environments.

Alexander says of his pre-session planning, I came to the zoom call with several outfits prepared; what I really liked was how quickly Nicolette was able to discern between which looks embodied my new brand as opposed to those which were simply “playing at” the brand.

Interestingly, he continues, even though this session was for my business, in a lot of ways I felt like it was a personal rebrand and self-exclamation as well. As in, “This is who I am.”

The resulting photos do a great job of showing off what my business represents and, just as importantly, who I am—to my clients, colleagues, friends, family, and the world.

I would recommend to other LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs that they experience a brand and lifestyle shoot to proudly show off exactly who they are. Working with Nicolette was so much fun and the final products are so usable for such a variety of purposes. I’m excited to continue incorporating the photos from our shoot into my social media and advertising.

To learn more about how we can design your very own photoshoot experience, schedule a consultation or call 310.622.4580

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