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Photographing non-binary model, Grey Crouch

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many people who comfortably inhabit their own skin. These sessions become a playful exploration of a subject's personality and at times, their ability to flow between masculine and feminine qualities with some incredible results.

Revealing and helping a client navigate this duality, is one of my favorite aspects of being a portrait photographer. So I was super excited for my shoot with non-binary model and LGBTQ activist, Grey Crouch.

Grey, who is elfin in appearance, manages a beautiful dance in physical appositions. Delicate and graceful one moment, tough and cocky the next, our goal was to showcase different parts of their personality (choice pronoun) which hadn’t yet been captured during other photoshoots.

Their current portfolio includes a spectrum of images ranging from high fashion to fine art. So to build on this, I wanted to create portraits that were more editorial in style.

We didn’t want the makeup to come across as too glamorous but instead to highlight their eyes and bone structure; and Grey brought in everyday outfits that naturally exemplifies their personal style. For my part, I keep the set ups and the lighting relatively simple, and to use a studio in the garment district in downtown LA that could provide us with enough environmental variety to create different “scenes.”

The result is a spectrum of moments that speak to different parts of Grey’s attributes, so they can reinforce a brand that is contemporary, authentic and edgy.

These are some of the results.

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