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COVID-19: Safe Operation of Professional Photography

As an industry, professional photography has embraced the need to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing.

As we begin to reopen our doors and provide our services, we are doing all we can to ensure your safety during these challenging times.

In preparation, rest assured that I am following state and local government’s guidelines during the phased-in efforts to re-open.

Personal Protective Equipment

The use of PPE such as masks and gloves will be used while we work with our clients. Currently in Los Angeles County, all public outdoor usage must include the wearing of mask. Please bring one with you to your session so that you can wear it while you are not being photographed.


Screening questions

Any subject or family member with a fever exceeding 100.1 degrees will be rescheduled. Screening questions may include:

  • How are you feeling?

  • Have you had a cough or any flu-like or COVID symptoms in the last 14 days?

  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the last 30 days?

  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?


Social distancing / No touch

We will maintain social distancing, using no-touch posing methods when at all possible. Until further notice is received from the CDC and other health officials, the maximum gathering for a photographic session will be of 4 or fewer persons (contact us if you have a larger group).

Adherence to sanitation protocols

Standard sanitation protocols prior to each client will include but not be limited to:

  • Washing hands regularly before and after photographic sessions

  • The studio will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

  • Sanitation of restroom/dressing facilities in-studio

  • Sanitation of common areas, including door knobs (interior and exterior) and counter tops

  • Sanitation of all photographic equipment and props


We are pretty flexible with our clients’ schedules, but as always last minute cancellations might forfeit a portion of your session fee to pay for production costs such as studio rentals, hair and makeup, or permit fees. We will do our best to accommodate your needs whenever possible. 

For additional questions and concerns, please contact me directly at or call 310.622.4580

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