A Few Questions & Answers

Do you provide hair and makeup services?

Yes! That is a part of your photoshoot experience. I work with a select number of incredible hair & makeup artists who can take you from daytime chic to red carpet magic in the space of a single session.

A special note for my clients with darker skin tones:

Our makeup are trained and vetted to provide only high quality professional makeup services for every shade. However, if you feel more comfortable bringing your own makeup artist to the session, that is certainly okay with me as long as that person is a licensed and insured in the State of the CA.

Will I receive all the images from the shoot?

The short answer is no.

Your session fee includes two or more images, depending on which package you buy.

Additional images can be purchased à la carte or in collections for a discounted rate.

Should I loose a few pounds before I schedule a session?

You do not have to be a size 6 to look beautiful in photographs. Very few of my clients are model size and weight. Who is?

I know that most of us expect to be photographed when we are looking our slimmest but if you're like me, that was at age 25! If you look deep inside yourself, you already know you're beautiful and sexy at this very moment in your life. You deserve to be celebrated in all your wonderful, gorgeous, exciting uniqueness.

It's my job to help draw out your inner goddess no matter what size you are. Besides, I’ve got posing tricks that will help you look 10lbs lighter in camera angles alone.

I usually hate how I look in photos, why will this shoot be any different?

I've rarely met a woman who loves the way she looks in 90% of the photos that are taken of her. Why do you think we're so selfie obsessed? We're on a mission to capture the best shot of ourselves. But that takes a combination of photographic talent, the right lighting, technical know-how, great makeup and above all, the ability to help you relax in front of the camera so you can let go of your inhibitions, and allow yourself to be seen for who you are.

That's when the magic happens and it's what I do best.

You might come to your shoot feeling unsure, insecure or out of your element, but I promise you'll end up feeling empowered, more confident and more like yourself then you migth have in years. I guarantee you'll love the results.

I’m excited to do this! How do I get started?

I can't wait to chat with you about how you dream of being photographed.

Please call or email me any time at Nicolette@NJPphotography.com - 310.622.4580.

Where does the session take place?

I can photograph you almost anywhere you feel inspired, or where we agree will best serve your image needs. This can be in the privacy of your home, at the beach, in the park, in a hotel room or in a fabulous airbnb. For those who want a studio experience, we can rent any number of professional spaces in and around Los Angeles. I am also available for destination shoots in the US and abroad to make your photoshoot dreams a reality.

How much should I budget for a photoshoot with you?

On average my clients spend $875 for a personal branding headshot session and $2,500-$3,500 for a modern glam or lifestyle branding session. Please connect with me directly for a full list of rates and services.

Do you provide payment plans?

Yes, absolutely. We can create payment options that fit your needs. You will receive your images upon payment of your final installment.

Do I get the digitals?

Each image you purchase comes with its corresponding digital file in web and print ready resolutions at the purchased size. For example, let's say you want to purchase a Marquee Collection of 10 images + a 24x36 wall art piece. You will receive 10 digital photos as 8x12 sized images with 10 matted prints in an 11x14 box + 1 digital file that is high resolution enough to print up to 24 x 36in and the accompanying art piece measuring 24 x 36in.

Do you help with outfits and wardrobe?

Yes! As part of your pre-session consult, a lot of what we do will revolve around prepping your wardrobe. It's very important to me that we take the time to decide on the right clothing and fashion items that best represent your brand. I would not photograph a Silicon Beach techie in the same way I would a musician or a C-suite executive. That is why we will spend some time making sure your outfits complement and sustain your choice environment and overall brand look. If you would like the assistance of a professional wardrobe stylist, we can arrange for virtual or in- person consulting. The fee is $100 for a 2-hour consultation.

I offer personal branding and modern glamour portrait photography in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties.