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Unveiling Authenticity: A Branding Lifestyle Session with Leadership Coach, Nicole Venner

Nicole Venner coaches individuals and leaders to broaden their views of self, leadership, and purpose. Her holistic approach addresses the mind, body, heart, career and relationships, allowing clients to show up more authentically and brilliantly in every aspect of their lives.

In a recent interview with Nicole, we delved into her experience collaborating with our studio to capture the essence of her work and personality. Let's explore what drew her to this unique photography experience.

Q: Why a branding lifestyle shoot?

Nicole: "I needed updated photos for the rebrand/relaunch project of my website, but I needed more than just 'professional' photos. I needed them to convey who I am as a woman, as a coach, and as a human."

Q: What attracted you to Nicolette's work?

Nicole: "Nicolette was referred to me by a dear friend and I knew, immediately, that she was the right partner for me in this endeavor.  Her portfolio easily demonstrates her mad skills as a photographer. But as someone who is not that comfortable in front of the camera, I also needed the right energy, safety and support. She was this, and more. I felt immediately comfortable with her."

The Pre-Shoot Process: Easy and Supportive

Q: Did you have an idea or concept in mind before you reached out to Nicolette?

Nicole: I needed more than just 'professional' photos. My work with clients can be intimate work and I really want people to be able to get a sense of me on my website."

Q: What was the pre-shoot process like?

Nicole: "So easy and good! Nicolette 'got me' immediately, sent me options for the studio space that were on-point. She organized everything and helped me sort out wardrobe options that supported the brand and style that we had already hatched. She has a designer’s eye and willingly jumped into conversations with my brand design partner, speaking exactly that language. I felt really supported and like we all just 'got it'."

Behind the Scenes: The Photoshoot Experience

Q: How was the photoshoot experience for you?

Nicole: "I was not really feeling like I was 'in the zone' with confidence in how I looked, so there was some stiffness due to discomfort at being in front of the camera. But Nicolette held a really compassionate space to help me work through that and to help me relax.

Also, her makeup artist was absolutely lovely and brilliant, so it felt like a girls' day of fun, which is exactly what I needed.

Q: Would you recommend this type of session to others?

Nicole: "Absolutely. Brand design is intricate, involving numerous technical components. It requires seamless visual integration, respecting every design aspect in a site build, and ensuring their cohesive collaboration. To have the skills and expertise of a photographer who also has that brand design 'eye' is really special and makes everything so much easier. Highly worth the investment."

The Impact: Building Professional Authority

Q: How did the experience affect you?

Nicole: "I was super-stoked to support a woman-owned, woman-led, and LGBTQ+ business. I'm very grateful that I now get to say that I know her."

Q: Would you recommend this type of session to other executive coaches?

Nicole: "Definitely!"

Q: Would you want to do another shoot with Nicolette?

Nicole: "Absolutely... even though I still don't love having my picture taken."

Final Thoughts

Nicole: "Personally, I'm extremely appreciative of the 'team' that is helping me create this new vision for my brand. I got to work with some boss-women, and we are doing boss-things. It's been a ton of fun!"


To learn more about Nicole Venner and connect with her directly, you can visit her LinkedIn page - and we'll update this link with her website when it's ready at the end of the month.

And for more information about how our Personal Branding Lifestyle sessions can help establish your business, check out our info page here or contact

A photoshoot with me is a transformative experience that gives you permission to shine in all your wonderful and beautiful uniqueness.

You'll leave your session feeling exhilarated and emboldened to tell your story, your way. Your photos will connect you with your target audience. Your photos will connect you to yourself.

With the use of my certified life coaching techniques and a fine tuned emotional IQ, I will help you feel at ease and lit up with genuine self-confidence. I invite you to book a session with me. I guarantee, you'll love the results. It might even change the way you see yourself.

Portrait photographer serving the LGBTQIA and greater community in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Southbay, Ventura and Orange County. Offering formal portraiture, modern glamour photography, personal branding, corporate headshot photography, candid children's photography, family photography, business & acting headshots, as well as events and editorial coverage. Located near Larchmont Village, Hancock Park and Paramount Studios.


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