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  • Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Use Lifestyle Portraits

Professionally created lifestyle branding portraits will help share your story in beautiful and dynamic ways in order to authentically connect with your ideal audience. Here are some of the best uses of this kind of imagery to establish yourself and stand out from the crowd.

musician playing with guitar

Social Media Posts

Lifestyle photos are perfect for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They can help you connect with your audience by showcasing your personality and creating an emotional connection with viewers. These images should be less posed and staged than traditional portraits.

Pro tip: Consider including family members and pets or getting captures of yourself doing activities that you love such as hiking, tennis or painting. These kinds of elements resonate directly with like-minded clients to help build an immediate rapport.

Website & Blog

Using lifestyle photos on your website can help you create a visual representation of your brand and showcase your business in ways that are unique. They can be used in the header, as background images, or to illustrate blog posts. I suggest creating portraits whereby you are placed within your work environment or exemplifying what you do with behind the scenes moments that can include your customers.

Chiropractor chatting with a client

These types of photos are perfect for retailers, restaurant owners and health professionals, as well as life coaches or real estate agents.

Pro tip: A warm and welcoming portrait on your Contact Us or About page is a must. This portrait should reflect you accurately and at your best. Aim for a simple, de-cluttered background. Bright eyes and great expression are what matter most here.

About page for filmmaker website

Marketing Materials

Lifestyle photos can also be used in marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and business cards. This can help create a consistent visual identity for your brand and a lasting impression with potential clients. Remember that formatting is important to consider BEFORE the shoot. Discuss with your photographer and graphic designer whether you'll need horizontal or vertical imagery, as well as any visual space around the inside of the frame for additional messaging.

Pro tip: Consider your wardrobe colors and fashion style. Your portraits should complement your business brand. If you're business branding is very monochromatic, aim for a wardrobe that supports that vibe.

Using white space to create marketing messages

Press Materials

For business owners, lifestyle portraits can be used in outreach materials such as press releases or media kits. This will help create a strong visual impression with journalists and media outlets. Many of my clients also do podcasts and public speaking engagements, so these images have to sell them as both engaging and as authorities in their field.

Instagram post for a podcaster

Pro tip: Again, the focus should be on capturing great, natural expressions that convey your comfort and easy at being in the spotlight. You want booking agents, the media and your audience to buy into you and what you're "selling" so an attractive, forthright portrait will go a long way in doing the heavy lifting.

Personal Use

Some of my clients haven't been photographed in years and don't believe they are photogenic until we do a portrait session. They then realize they haven't gotten photos of themselves they love since their wedding day, or maybe ever. Lifestyle portraits make great gifts for friends and family, as well as stand out profile photos for online dating and social media connections.

Printed photos of a lifestyle branding session

Pro Tip:

If you love em, print em! Professional photos that sit on your hard drive or in your phone that don't get shared, seen or appreciated are a waste of time and money. Most of my lifestyle clients print their photos to share with loved ones and for display in their own homes. These portraits are beautiful daily reminders that they are worthy, confident individuals embodying their best self.

By using your lifestyle branding portraits in these and many other ways, you can create a strong visual identity to grow your business and your personal brand.

To learn more about how we can design a lifestyle session that is customized to your vision of success, call 310.622.4580 or contact me here.

A photoshoot with me is a transformative experience that gives you permission to shine in all your wonderful and beautiful uniqueness.

You'll leave your session feeling exhilarated and emboldened to tell your story, your way. Your photos will connect you with your target audience. Your photos will connect you to yourself.

With the use of my certified life coaching techniques and a fine tuned emotional IQ, I will help you feel at ease and lit up with genuine self-confidence. I invite you to book a session with me. I guarantee, you'll love the results. It might even change the way you see yourself.

Portrait photographer serving the LGBTQIA and greater community in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Southbay, Ventura and Orange County. Offering formal portraiture, modern glamour photography, personal branding, corporate headshot photography, candid children's photography, family photography, business & acting headshots, as well as events and editorial coverage. Located near Larchmont Village, Hancock Park and Paramount Studios.
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