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Personal Branding Photography for High-Performance Executives, Entrepreneurs & Creatives

NJP offers modern portraits, lifestyle images, and contemporary glam to capture what’s unmistakably you.


I’ll help you establish a strong and compelling personal brand to authentically differentiate you in the marketplace.

Or I’ll help you reconnect to yourself with a story-driven custom-glam photoshoot.

 In front of the lens I guide each of my clients so they feel empowered to share different facets of their personality.


We’ll reveal your inner rockstar!

Clients leave their sessions feeling exhilarated, and with images that connect them with their target audience or simply to themselves.

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

Can you remember the last time you looked at yourself in a photograph and thought "OMG, that's me?!" Or better yet, "Heck yeah, that's me!"

You deserve that experience. FULL STOP. You deserve to see photos of yourself in all your beauty, strength and power. Because no matter how hard you try, selfies probably aren't gonna get you there.


I believe with the right guidance, prep and a bit of vulnerability, anyone can look like they belong on the cover of a magazine.

With the use of my certified life coaching techniques and a fine tuned emotional IQ, I will help you feel at ease and lit up with genuine self-confidence. Your photoshoot will be a fun, transformative experience that leaves you looking and feeling amazing for being yourself.

I invite you to book a session with me. I guarantee, you'll love the results.

It might even change the way you see yourself.


We chat about why and how you would like to be photographed

This is how I get to know you and understand what is going on in your life and your business. We'll map out a custom session that is as unique as your are in style and execution. I'll help you conceptualize imagery for your brand, your vision and how you want to show your story to the world.

3 Hour Photoshoot

with pro makeup artist & wardrobe styling

On the day of your shoot you'll be ready and excited to spend a few hours being pampered by my team and me, as I coach you through various poses and beautiful expressions to capture all the nuances that make you uniquely captivating.

You choose your photos and only buy

what you love

Within 10 days of your session you'll review your images in person or via an online gallery. At which time you can order your favorites directly with me, including any choices for prints and wall art displays. These will be professionally retouched in my signature style and provided to you as digital files.

The Process

Karineh A.

Sr. Dr. of Marketing


"I love the look and quality of my pictures and how they portray my true personality instead of a one size fits all approach."​

Jaeson W.

Business Owner

"I wear many hats, from running the technical and behind the scenes activities to being the face of my business. Nicolette truly captured who I am as an entrepreneur. 

I love that her ideas complimented my own vision."

Metrisa R.

Business Consultant

"I cried when I saw my photos

I could not believe they were me.

It really transformed the way I view myself. It gave me so much self-confidence."


Designer Personal Branding


We help you showcase the way you see yourself on the inside.


Designer Personal Branding


A portfolio of custom images that tell the best story of you.


These shoots are an empowering experience that boost self-confidence & sense of self. 


And because no one should have to adhere to a one-size-fits-all

standard of beauty, sessions are tailored to each client's

individual style and personality.

See some of my clients' results here

"I think every woman should do a glamour shoot in her lifetime, if for nothing else, then to be reminded of her own unique beauty." 


Dorian L.



Mon thru Fri 10am - 7pm
Sat & Sun - by appointment