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Shooting With Fashion Designer, NiK Kacy

Of all the creative sessions and wonderful clients I had the pleasure of working with this year, I am especially grateful for my time with the inspiring, NiK Kacy.

NiK is a designer of gender-neutral fashion and footwear, LGBQT+ rights activist, promoter of trans rights and equality, as well as an all-around genuinely caring and authentic human being. Collaborating with NiK elevated my game as a professional and my appreciation of the role the trans-community plays within the larger queer rights movement. Its members are in a constant uphill battle for self-acceptance, social recognition and protection. In a global environment that skews opportunities away from trans workers and business owners, NiK is a paragon of human success and the model expression that a rising tide lifts all boats.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with helping NiK define their business and personal brand image in 2019. Our session gave us both greater meaning and it’s with great pride that I can share Nik’s public reaction to the portraits we created together.

I've always hated taking my photo because growing up first I was in the wrong body and hated being dressed like a "girl", then as a teenager I struggled with weight and self body image, as an adult I struggled with my identity and expression, and my whole life I've struggled with my existence... My place on this Earth.

It's taken 44 spins around the Sun for me to finally feel like I've found my purpose and Pride to be exactly who I am meant to be. It's taken just as long to finally feel like I look like me in this photo. It's got a bit of touch up sure but what I realized is that that is ok. I'm ok with wanting to cover up a blemish. I remember ten years ago I was ranting about au natural and how we should not cover up wrinkles. Well ten years later and the last two years having am visibly aged significantly, I no longer feel shame for wanting to get laser to remove that sun spot. Life is hard enough and we get criticized so much for so many things. We are already our worst critics so tonight I say, let's let people be however they feel most authentic, even if ironically they end up less “real”.

I look at this photo and I feel a little bit less old and exhausted and a bit more Pride that I've come this far into the person I want to be.

Thank you, Nicolette Jackson-Pownall for capturing me the way I see myself on the inside.

Nik Kacy -

To learn more about NiK and the incredible work they are in doing in fashion and for the trans community, follow NiK @nikkacyfootwear and @nikkacy.

And please get in touch with me for more information about my personal branding sessions.

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