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  • Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

Personal Branding Headshots For Attorneys

I had the great pleasure of spending a couple of hours photographing personal injury attorney, Jon Howell.

He possesses a kind, gentle and dare I say, un-lawyer-like demeanor, that was immediately apparent during our consultation and later, infused our session with a relaxed and lighthearted energy.

He mentioned he wanted a warm, approachable vibe to his photos that would complement the serious nature of his business. He also loves classic buildings and architecture, so we settled on a quiet Saturday afternoon in downtown LA for the shoot.

We had a zoom wardrobe review a couple of weeks prior to his session so that I had a good idea of his professional and personal style and to ensure his wardrobe felt contemporary and complementary to his brand. I also wanted to make sure his looks would pair well with the architecture and the colors of the buildings we'd be using as backdrops for his portraits.

As small business owner, Jon understand the value of a strong and authentic brand image. He is a professional in a highly competitive marketplace, so his portraits had to accurately reflect his personality while helping convey authority and trustworthiness. While his portraits stuck closely to a more corporate feel, we aimed to play up his authentic energy without negating his professionalism.

We spent a couple of hours together, shooting around Spring Street and then heading up to California Plaza for some more casual, lifestyle images for his personal and social media use. Thereby maximizing his energy and time in front of the camera.

When you consider investing in your business, consider the importance of brand imagery as an essential component of entrepreneurship. It sets you apart from the competition, builds trust and credibility with your best fit customers, and helps you to attract and retain the right customers. As a lawyer, by investing in your image, you can set yourself up for success and build a thriving and sustainable business.

Click here learn more about my headshot sessions or schedule a consultation with me to discuss your professional business image needs in greater detail.

To learn more about how we can design a personal branding photoshoot that is right for your needs, email or call 310.622.4580. You can also learn more about our process here.

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