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Boudoir Shoots – Not Just For Women

Nicolas is from Montreal, Canada. In planning a business trip to Los Angeles, he wished to incorporate an editorial and boudoir shoot into his busy schedule to create images for personal and professional use.

As one of a handful of glamour photographers in town, he quickly found me online and we decided to schedule an afternoon session at his hotel in downtown. When we met, the first thing that spoke to me was his calm and present energy. Two qualities that showed up consistently over the course of the three and a half hours we spent together.

With relatively discreet lighting equipment and taking advantage of a nearly empty hotel on a Friday afternoon, we made use of his room, the lobby, the rooftop terrace and bar, to create magazine style portraits that reflect both his virility and gentleness.

What came of our session are images that reveal a beautiful man who is equality at ease with himself when dressed for success and in moments of denuded sensuality.

Sexiness is a state of mind and Nicolas certainly brought his own brand of sexy with quiet self-assurance.

To book a photoshoot for yourself or a loved one, contact Nicolette at

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