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  • Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

Rock Your Age: a portrait series celebrating women over 40

In late 2020, amidst the second half of the pandemic, I started a portrait series focused on women in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

As I stepped into my forties, I was feeling more empowered and more liberated in my womanhood than ever before. In conversations with other women who were struggling to keep their work and family lives moving forward, there was still an intemporal undertone of self-knowledge and growth that transcended the moment.

Under unprecedented stress, these women were still changing careers, building businesses, caring for or mourning loved ones, raising their children, sending them off to college, always grinding away a life's demands without a moment to catch their breath.

So I wanted to do something to honor how hard women were working to keep our world spinning during Covid. I wanted to give them an experience that would reconnect them with themselves and remind them of how beautiful and strong they are.

This collection showcases women of all ages, all backgrounds and even family members, including my own, who took the opportunity to share in a special project together.

I am deeply grateful to the women who participated in this series. To me they are literal rock stars. And I couldn't be more honored to have been able to capture a moment in their lives.

In invite you to take a look and read how each woman defines the qualities of her age for herself and her takeaway from being photographed by my team and I.

Simply click on the cover below:

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