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Glamour is Beauty is Power is Ownership of Oneself.


It's that feeling you get when you watch Beyoncé strut her stuff on stage. It's the glow of fierce beauty that comes from her attitude about her body, her talent and her innate strength to claim ownership of all she has to offer the world. And in that moment the goddess in you resonates with the goddess in her because you recognize this power is also your own.

Modern women often forget to acknowledge and honor that power. The one whose truest form stems from honest self-revelation. We stuff it beneath crammed work-life schedules that never seem balanced enough. We try to care for it with gym memberships, quick trips to the manicurist, the spa, weekend retreats and sprees at the mall. But few if any of these experiences can help you recapture, or for some reveal, the exquisite, glorious woman that exists within you. Too often she is silenced or worse, ignored, and the glimpses we get of her are sporadic, ephemeral moments that go unseen by most - even by oneself.

A glamour photoshoot is an empowering experience because it draws forth the most engaging and sensuous aspects of your personality and packages them into stunning images that are a testament to what an incredible woman you are. It is a feeling you get to own not just for an afternoon, but for a lifetime.

Our glamour portrait sessions are for women who dare to reveal themselves. It is for women who want to celebrate their existence and experience how incredible they are from the inside out. It is for women who dream of the full, pampered experience of a magazine-style photoshoot and want to spend an afternoon basking in the glow of their own fierce beauty.

For more information on our glamour sessions, please email or call 310.622.4580.

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