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Glamour shoots for women over 50
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We create incredible, magazine-style photoshoot experiences for EVERY woman


Modern glamour sessions are a celebration of your life.

These shoots are unique because they gift you extra-ordinary results.

You can be as fashion forward or as natural as you like, but bring every part of yourself that you want to express.

It all begins with a conversation about what makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

The types of fashion that inspire you 

How you envision your hair and makeup

If you desire special environments or props

 Or maybe you'd like to share the spotlight with a loved one.

And if you're not sure what you want, that'll work too. 

We'll brainstorm all the details till we create a transformational experience just for you.

Where every minute is meant to make you look and feel incredible in your own skin.

Your images will empower you, they will change the way you see yourself.


"To say doing a photoshoot is out of my element is an understatement.

I can't stand to have my picture taken.

I don’t wear makeup. My hair is always in a ponytail. I basically live in sweats and t-shirts.

And I’ve never seen a photo of myself that I liked...

I wanted to overcome my fear of pictures and prove to myself that I can look good...

I didn’t know what to do or how to act sexy and feminine but Nicolette made it easy.

By the the third outfit, I was having the time of my life! Our session flew by. 


At the portrait reveal, instead of not finding one photo I liked, I couldn’t find one I didn’t like.

For the first time in my life, I loved the way I looked in my photos.

Becky M.


"I honestly did not recognize myself in some of the shots; it’s a humbling experience to see yourself looking like a Self or Vogue magazine cover model....


I think every woman should do a glamour shoot in her lifetime, if for nothing else, then to be reminded of her own unique beauty."

Dorian L.

Read all about about Dorian's first hand photoshoot experience here

Women's 50+ glamour portrait session

Simone D.

These pictures look amazing!!!!

I love the ones you selected!

Thank you so much for making me look and feel beautiful! I seriously never thought they would come out this good! I'm so glad I decided to do this!


Sylvia R.

Thank you for one of the most amazing days of my life. You made me feel at ease and beautiful.


Andrea T.

The experience was amazing and my mom and sister looked & felt very beautiful today.

I'm glad my mom got out of her comfort zone and had a great time.

Complement your experience with a fine art statement piece to remember these precious moments and what a stunning badass you are.