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A Photoshoot To Reconnect With Oneself

Sylvia came to me a couple of months ago via LinkedIn. She wanted a branding session to create images that better reflect her current roles as a community leader, minister and motivational speaker. But when she discovered that I also provide women with empowerment photoshoots, designed to help my clients celebrate their lives and see themselves in a whole new light, her why for doing a session went much deeper.

It became clear that she was in need of self-renewal. Over the last few years, she has suffered through the loss of immediate family members, including most recently her mother, for whom she personally cared for until the end.

So she was feeling ready to reclaim her life and her role within her community. She says, " this experience was part of a journey of reconnecting with myself. I wanted to feel like both my old but also new and improved self."

After our initial consultation, it became obvious to me that her persona was vivacious, warm and engaging. She might have described her herself and her style to me as more "conservative with a bit of pop", all I could see in my minds eye were bright, vivid colors and a strong unassuming sense of self and sensuality. So even though we discussed honoring her love of 40's black and white Hollywood glamour portraits, I wanted to steer her toward a new vision of her own personal glamour. To me it felt colorful, deeply saturated and full of scintillating light.

So we planned the shoot one step at a time.

As she has carefully and proudly curated a beautiful home, which authentically represents her, she wanted that to be our "studio" environment. She also owns an extraordinary wardrobe and jewelry collection, which with the help of my in-house stylist and sister, Pia, we helped her narrow down to a choice of 6 outfits, including some items that could lend themselves to a few boudoir shots.

Her session included hairstylists, a makeup artist, wardrobe styling, and the loving, dotting assistance of a small entourage of women who helped take care of all of us for the nearly 10 hours we spent shooting in her beautiful home. She says, "I was so impressed with the amount of time and detail she invested in preparing me for my shoot...Like many women, I have always hated taking pictures. I was extremely nervous but Nicolette and her team made me feel relaxed, beautiful, and confident. It was more involved than I anticipated but more enjoyable as well."

The session ran long but we parted elated, afire with creativity and the excitement of creating portraits that are uniquely her own. She says, "Nicolette and her team really caught and brought the vision I've always had as to how I want to present myself to the world. I am recommending this to every woman I've shown the photos too. I recently posted them on my social media sites and have literally gotten hundreds of positive comments. Too see myself looking and feeling relaxed and confident is an experience I want women in my circle of influence to have. My take-away is that every woman should have and deserves this type of experience."

We not only created photos that are rocking her social media, she has a stunning collection of matted fine art prints in a handcrafted keepsake box to match her home. I feel it is important for all my clients to be able to touch, see and display their portraits in ways that are exquisitely tangible. It reminds them of their photoshoot experience and of who they are in ways that digital images alone cannot.

These are just a few of the portraits that came out of her session.

To learn more about how I can help refresh your personal brand and celebrate your life, please contact me at - 310.622.4580

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