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Headshots For Teenaged Actors

It's not often I get to work with younger clients but when I do, I relish the opportunity to create images that are out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to actor branding. Last month, when I sent out a model call for my Girls With Curls campaign, my email was forwarded by Ava's agent to her mom.

Whether they're 14 or 44, actors need to know, understand and market their personal brand just like any business owner. They are their business. So it was wonderful to chat with Ava and her mom during our pre-session consultation and realize Ava knows exactly who she is, what she likes and what she wanted to bring to her shoot.

She was super clear about her outfits and the props she wanted to include. And after getting to know her a little and thinking about the best environment for her Girls with Curls portrait session, I decided that Highland Park and in particular Figueroa Street would suit her temperament and aesthetic best.

Neither of them knew the area well so it was a lot of fun to show them around while photographing Ava in various poses and against different backdrops to play up her personality, skin tones, eye color and of course, that gorgeous head of curls. She transformed easily from being a 14 year old teenager to an enthusiastic professional with a click of the shutter. It was a blast. And now she and her agent have stand out images she can use across her profiles and when submitting for casting calls.


To learn more about doing a portrait session or to sign up for my special Girls With Curls campaign, get in touch with me here or call 310.622.4580


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