Calling teenaged girls and women with waves, ringlets, coils and afros...all natural hair types are wanted!

We're celebrating CURLS in 2022 with magazine-style photoshoot experiences.

I want to to show young women how beautiful they are and to help them build a positive and healthy relationship with their hair.

To often when we are young all we want is to conform and blend in with the crowd. Curls can sometimes feels like a curse rather than the stand-out blessing that they really are. A professional photoshoot can be an amazing confidence builder. I want to capture these women's natural beauty and reflect that back to them so they can embrace what makes them special and proudly stand in their uniqueness.

Natural Beauty


And includes:

Multiple light and background changes

Makeup artistry

on-location setting

Professional image retouching

Online image review and ordering appointment

The shoot time will run 2 hours and will include up to three outfit changes.

If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be present during the entirety of the session. 

Legal guardian will be required to sign a model release.

*Session fee is offered back as credit toward prints and wall art (digital file included)

8x12in matted prints are $400 each

Collections of 10 prints or more start at $1,900

For any and all questions, please contact me directly at or call 310.622.4580

About Nicolette


I'm a portrait photographer with a long love-hate dynamic with my own curly hair. It took me well into my early twenties to start embracing my thick mane of curls.

I grew up in a country where straight, brown hair was the norm and I had no idea how to take care of, let alone, appreciate my hair. 

I believe that if I had been able to "see" myself and my curls in ways that were beautiful and self-affirming, I might have loved them and what made me special, much earlier in life.

We are more than our hair, but our curls are a huge asset in helping us carve out our uniqueness and establishing our identity. So I'm on a mission to change how women see themselves and feel about their own hair.