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Over Fifty & Fabulous! A Birthday Glamour Shoot

My mother-in-law turned 65 this summer, and we celebrated this lifetime milestone with an in-residence glamour shoot at her lovely home in Graz, Austria.

Iris is a natural stunner who often puts my spouse and I to shame with her ability to look richly stylish with seemingly little effort. She is an artist with a passion for beauty and elegance, which are reflected throughout her home, her wardrobe and the property’s lush, colorful garden which she has cultivated, curated and designed for over 15 years.

That is why we decided to shoot in her own environment rather than a studio space. It serves as an authentic backdrop to her life and her personality, for she is as much a part of its beauty as it is a reflection of hers.

The session went over four hours during one hot afternoon in late August, and in spite of the laden humidity, she never once faltered in her energy or enthusiasm.

These are just some of the results of her fabulous-over-fifty session.

Makeup by Denise Kirchweger.

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