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The Unbridled Confidence Of One's Forties

They say forty is the new twenty. But I sure as hell hope not. Being over forty is a deeply empowering era in a woman's life. One that flourishes incredible beauty and self-confidence. We're done with the anxieties of youth and there's a certain "f*ck it" attitude that takes over and kicks up the sexy a few notches. Experience becomes far more desirable than innocence. You know who you are, what you've accomplished and have a new found self worth that spurs personal growth with no apologies.

I felt all of that and more when I photographed Tressa a few weeks ago.

She describes herself as caring, candid and tenacious. And what she loves about being 45 is having the confidence to live life to its fullest. She says she doesn’t spend time on self doubt. “I finally see insecurity as a self imposed obstacle that can keep us from reaching our greatest potential and living and loving fully.”

About doing this photoshoot she says, “As well as having a professional portrait, I wanted to capture this version of myself for my child and future family. I wanted my daughter to know that I was proud of who I am at this point in my life and for her to someday see that empowerment through the photographs. [This shoot] felt like a true celebration of who I am in this moment and I think it’s important to be captured by someone who is trained to pull forward our personalities.”

I can think of no greater gift to impart to one's daughter.

To learn more about doing a photoshoot that celebrates your womanhood, contact me at or call 310.622.4580. You can learn more about my Rock Your Age sessions here.

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