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Showcasing a Chef at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Hailley Field is an entrepreneur and a co-member of the Quilt women's community in Los Angeles. We met during a hosted event a few weeks ago and hit it off right away. She is the owner and creator of HomeCooked, a globally-influenced gastronomy service that brings a knowledgeable and creative pair of helping hands to one’s own kitchen. Hailley will come to you any night of the week and whip up an amazing meal with whatever you have lying around the kitchen. It's truly a "chef-on-demand" service like no other in Los Angeles.

In addition to traveling the world and having worked within various professional and private cooking environments since her early twenties, she is a self-taught business owner who knows the value of establishing a strong personal brand. She is the face (and hands) of her company, and we needed to demonstrate not only her skills but her bright and sunny personality, which is such a big part of her success and loyal following.

A planned cooking demonstration at the Hollywood Farmer’s market offered us the perfect opportunity to showcase Hailley doing what she does best, while creating dynamic visual content that speaks and engages with audiences across her website and social media feeds.

She'll be able to use use these images for weeks and months to come.

Here are just a handful of some of the photos we created for HomeCooked and her site,

To learn more about Hailley visit and read her interview at

And to discuss how we can showcase your own business and personal brand, contact or call 310.622.4580

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