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Every Woman, At Any Age, Deserves Beautiful Photos Of Herself

If you wonder why a person would book herself a modern glamour shoot in this era of selfie-sticks and filtered iphoneography here's a list of just some of the reasons we create magazine-worthy portraits for our incredible clients:

1. To remind her that beneath the responsible grind of her daily life, beats the heart of truly exquisite woman who with a bit of spit and polish can sparkle like a conflict free diamond.

2. To validate that no matter what society shoves into her face, she rocks her personal style and brand of beauty with all the fierceness of a modern day Madonna.

3. To pay hommage to the selfless Queen she is for tirelessly serving the needs of others.

4. To celebrate one of those life changing Yay Me!! moments. like getting the last kid off to college, or switching careers at 40, or hitting her weight loss goals or surviving breast cancer, or realizing she's made it thru their first 25 years of marriage.

5. To prove to her camera shy introverted self, she is in fact photogenic, and the problem all along was the result of less than stellar photography.

6. To honor her fashionista side whose special gown or designer piece has been kept tucked away for years. Never having had the right reason to wear it, or enough courage to strut it, until now.

7. To create heirloom works of art she can pass on to her children's children who will know something of her beyond all those crappy selfies and blurry screen shots.

8. To show off that she's still got that sexy, purring thing going on.

9. To realize no matter how many times she feels down about her herself, she is actually a rather glorious and captivating woman.

10. To allow her to feel good about who she is, now and forever. Because she's worth it.

I create portraits of everyday women that honor who they are and reveal their personalities in beautiful and captivating ways.. Until December 24th, I'm running a two-for-one promotion. So gift a shoot to yourself and then gift one to someone you love. You know you deserve it.

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