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Hello Gorgeous! Capturing the Sexy Roar of One's Forties

Sexy is sexy at any age

Perhaps it is because I am on the cusp of the big 4.0 myself, I find photographing women (and men) who have entered this decade of their lives, to be an invigorating breath of creative air.

There is an understated assertiveness, a generosity of spirit and ownership of self that is uniquely beautiful and sexy at this age. This is a time to celebrate and honor how far we've come, and who we've become. We've gotten through the chaotic, righteousness of our twenties, slaved over career choices and toddler parenting, hopefully garnered some sense of purpose, and can now enjoy the budding fruits of our personal and professional labor.

Beautiful magazine style portraits

This decade is a celebration of how hard we've worked to create the family, the career, the life we aspired to. We may no longer have the stamina to dance into the wee morning hours but oh, do we look good at those charity fundraisers and office parties! We are cooler under pressure. We are more at peace with ourselves and the world. We know the sun will continue to rise no matter who is running the company, the country or the latte machine.

To me the forties are like a Bossa Nova. A dynamic combination of improve jazz and old world acoustic melodies that caress the soul with sensuous confidence. We've gotten to know ourselves well enough to no longer care so much about who thinks what of us. We are comfortable in our own skin. We rarely regret being 25. We are finally W.O.M.A.N, and we are ready to roar.

So embrace your forties and celebrate who you are in this moment. It is so well deserved.

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