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How To Create Lifestyle Photos For Instagram

Though TikTok and videos are all the rage, there are plenty of uses for still imagery and how it helps to grow our audience through personal branding.

I believe posting photos that reflect one's interests, personality and daily life can go a long way in building the know, like and trust factors that establish future customer relationships. I always encourage my business and professional clients to showcase themselves on social media in more personal and candid ways.

People do business with people they share common ground with and sometimes one's choice between two well-referred and equally competent real estate agents might simply come down to which one happens to share your love of pickleball.

So whether you would prefer to work with a photographer over the course of a day or two, or to capture these moments with the help of friends and colleagues over weeks, here are some tips on how to take engaging lifestyle photos for your Instagram.

1. Plan your shoot: Before you start taking photos, think about the type of images and emotions you want to capture and plan your shoot accordingly. Consider the location(s), time of day, lighting, crowds, and any other elements that will help you create the desired mood and atmosphere.

2. Use natural light: Natural light is often the best option for lifestyle photography, as it creates a soft and flattering effect for portraits. Try to shoot during the golden hour, which is the hour before sunset or after sunrise, when the light is warm and diffused.

3. Incorporate props: Props can help add interest and personality to your photos. Choose items that are relevant to your lifestyle, such as books, food, drinks, plants, or specific apparel that you love to wear. Even incorporating pets or family members can make great additions for images that are uniquely you.

4. Experiment with angles and composition: Instagram photos are often more visually interesting when taken from a unique angle or composed in an interesting way. Play around with different angles and compositions to create visually appealing shots. Try to capture close-up shots of objects that are part of your personal brand, such as a item of clothing, sporting gear, a book, or a piece of jewelry.

5. Edit your photos: Once you have taken your photos, edit them to enhance the colors, contrast, and mood of the image. Use apps like Lightroom, VSCO, or Snapseed to adjust the exposure, saturation, and sharpness of the photo, but I would try to avoid using too many filters, or too strong of a filter. Especially for portraits, as these are often fake looking and just distracting.

Overall, taking lifestyle photos for social media is about capturing the beauty in everyday moments and sharing them in an authentic and visually appealing way. Bonus points for those who enjoy creating videos as well. I tip my hat off to you.

If you would like some help with creating your own professional lifestyle session, contact me at or call 310.622.4580


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