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Ibiza Glam Shoot with Tori

This summer I was extremely fortunate to spend time in Ibiza with a good chunk of my family.

I have five siblings, one of whom lives there, and though not all of them could make it, I got to hang out with three of my sisters.

This post showcases some of the portraits I did of my sister Tori, who is normally super camera averse. The kind of person who prefers to flip a bird at the lens rather than show a moment of vulnerability or even a smile. So I was really happy and frankly, honored, to hear her say she’d be up for taking part in my Rock Your Age portrait series.

For those of you who have not been, Ibiza is at its core a deeply feminine, mystical and hippiesque place. Aside from the nightclub and beach going hedonism that characterizes the island’s popularity, my family, who work and live on this island, get to experience an environment that offers up incredible year round beauty and a low key lifestyle defined by a certain glamorous free-spiritedness.

And so in designing her session, I wanted Tori’s looks to reflect not only her creative personality, her slightly rebellious spirit and some of the vestiges of her late night vibes but also showcase the Gypset fashions of the island. Which often lean toward flowing, ethnic prints and bohemian, layered garments.

We shot in the late afternoon to take advantage of Ibiza's incredible golden hour. And I got some fantastic assist by our sister, Pia, who took charge of Tori's hair and makeup, as well as the wardrobe styling.

Below are some of the results of our shoot.

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