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8 Tips To Rock Your Photoshoot Experience

It doesn't matter whether you're gearing up for a personal branding session or prepping for an afternoon of glamorous fun, getting ready for your photoshoot demands some time and a modicum of effort.

Here are a few easy tips on how you can quell your nerves and get the most out of your experience.

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Two days before your session make sure you get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids into your system to help clear your skin. But don't freak out if you break out.

Makeup artists have tricks up their sleeves for helping with redness, rashes, bloodshot eyes and a smattering of pimples. And if all else fails, usually a little photoshop will do the trick.

Wash your hair and treat it as you normally would except for gels and hair sprays.

Don't apply those unless you'll be doing your own hair.

If you wear any kind of hair piece (weave, wig, toupé, extension), you should definitely book the services of a hair artists to ensure that your look stays flawless throughout the shoot.

Clean and press the clothes you will be wearing, including your back ups. Sounds obvious, but I've had a number of clients show up with wrinkled or stained items. Consider hanging your items in a garment bag.

If you can fold your clothes without risk of creasing than a duffel bag or rolling luggage bag should do fine. There are often steamer on hand in a studio but not for on-location shoots. You don't want to ruin your shot by looking unkempt.

Keep your jewelry and accessories in separate containers.

I had a client who showed up with her shoes in one large plastic box, her jewelry in another and all manners of accessories in a third. Sure, it required some prep, but it made everyone's job easier and offered up new wardrobe options we hadn't considered.

Mani-pedis. It's worth coming prepared from head to toe, especially for glam/editorial sessions. Photos usually show your hands and some shots might even get a glimpse of your feet; during boudoir sessions, in particular.

If you like painting your nails then do so, but keep the color in mind vis-a-vis your wardrobe and what kind of look you are going for. Neutral pink and clear varnishes are a great default but you can consult with the photographer or wardrobe stylist about which color will work best.

Don't starve yourself! Though it might seem reasonable to want to shed a final pound or two before your session, what you end up doing is shedding water weight and losing the energy you need to be fresh and glowing.

There is not enough makeup or guided posing techniques that can make this a fun experience with great results if you're too tired and too hungry to be fully engaged.

Consider bringing a bottle of water and snacks for longer shoots, you’ll need to keep your energy up.

If you're the kind of person who eats every couple of hours, you should prepare for that.

Finally, a photoshoot should be a fun, pampered experience that makes you feel and look beautiful every step of the way.

Your only task is to bask in the attention and relish the experience of creating the best photos you've ever seen of yourself. So relax and enjoy the ride!

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To learn more about designing your very own photoshoot experience, schedule a consultation with me at or call 310.622.4580

A photoshoot with me is a transformative experience that gives you permission to shine in all your wonderful and beautiful uniqueness.

You'll leave your session feeling exhilarated and emboldened to tell your story, your way. Your photos will connect you with your target audience. Your photos will connect you to yourself.

With the use of my certified life coaching techniques and a fine tuned emotional IQ, I will help you feel at ease and lit up with genuine self-confidence. I invite you to book a session with me. I guarantee, you'll love the results. It might even change the way you see yourself.

Portrait photographer serving the LGBTQIA and greater community in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Southbay, Ventura and Orange County. Offering formal portraiture, modern glamour photography, personal branding, corporate headshot photography, candid children's photography, family photography, business & acting headshots, as well as events and editorial coverage. Located near Larchmont Village, Hancock Park and Paramount Studios.


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