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2019 Photo Gift Guide For Photo Lovers Who Love To Share

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys displaying and gifting photos of your loved ones, then this special holiday gift guide is for you.

I know that there is a strong digital-only wave that has unfolded across the portrait photography world. But photographers for the most part, want our clients to value and treasure their photos as all too often quantity has replaced quality. Though we own far far fewer printed photographs than the number of images we snap on a daily basis, let alone over the course of our digital lifetimes, I wonder if by taking more, we are actually seeing less, perhaps even remembering less.

We all have tons of blurry, pixelated images of family members and friends buried in folders and files across multiple devices. But how many of us take the time to cull through hundreds, sometimes thousands of bytes of information to source and print the most beautiful, meaningful moments that amount to a life well lived?

If you want those beautiful, professionally captured -or not, moments available to you at touch, then here are my suggestions for printing your photos across a variety of cool and interesting products that will surely help your gift stand out.

1. MILK offers beautifully bound, handcrafted fine art photo albums and presentation books for the creative giver who wants to add a touch of luxury to their gifting. Pricing starts at $160 for their custom presentation boxes:

2. Mixbook is a super easy to use platform for amateur designers who want to create memory photo books to share with loved ones. You can start with a template or create one from scratch. Their simple drop and move editing tools will help you express visual story telling without frustration. Pricing starts at $16:

3. Blurb is another do it yourself platform for those who wish to create professional quality books, magazines and even e-books. Want to gift a National Geographic style magazine of your European trip from this past Spring? Blurb provides for a pain-free user platform that makes plugging and editing your images into their software easy. You do have to download they’re design interface but you can also use their platform to resell that incredible photo book to raise money for your next travel adventure. Pricing starts at $4 for a 20 page magazine:

4. Lexi Lou Jewels is a funky and personalized way of gifting photographs imbedded into cool jewelry pieces. From custom leather bracelets to silver pendants, your photos will take on a whole new meaning when you can wear those special memories next to your heart. Pricing starts at $45

And for something more traditional, check out

5. Pinhole Press allows for the creation of a variety of fun print products like stick re-stick wall decals, framed prints and calendars. This is a great way to create a family decor project where the kiddos can lend a hand. Decal sets start at $13.

6. MPix is my go-to for anything that is not a print product. Mugs, blankets, key chains, acrylic blocks, holiday ornaments, playing cards…their product options are designed for gifting with love and personality. Pricing is not cheap but you really get to create something unique and memorable. Coffee mugs start at $20:

7. Last year I partnered with It is a printing company for cards and many other customizable photo displays for the home and office. This is where I send my portrait clients who want to create their own holiday cards. But there is more you can create here such as T-shirts, baby clothes and electronic coverings, to name a few. This is specially great if you need a larger quantity of same-gifts for a group rather than one-off specialty items.

Cards start at $47 for a pack of 25.

8. Nations Photo Lab is a wonderful printing company for photo lovers. The caliber of the work is far above what people expect from low-cost printing partners. If you’re into non-traditional wall art formats such as metal, acrylic or canvas, this is the place for you.

8x12 metal prints start at $34:

9. Meural marries classic frames with a sleek, 4K digital art display for those who want to showcase their photos on high end digital display. It’s matte finish and low reflectivity give it a paper feel, and let you see every brushstroke or grain of photography you’re displaying. Meural will adjust to the light in the room, making the art look more natural and less backlit.

The light box frame comes in black, white or natural maple. Pricing starts at $445 with the purchase of their annual membership:

10. I have a local fine art printing lab that I adore. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, this is my partner of choice for wall prints. POV crafted a portrait of my wife for Christmas last year, and the result was just stunning. This is for the photo lover who doesn’t use an iPhone, and knows what 300 dpi means. Visit this wonderful team of dedicated professionals at Pricing start at $50.

To book a photoshoot in time for the holidays, contact Nicolette at or call 310.622.4580

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