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What Does Your Professional Profile Photo Say About You?

If you’ve been holed up in the same role/job for the last ten years, and you’re comfortable in the belief you’ll likely be there for twenty more, than your LinkedIn photo might not be worth updating. But if you’re someone seeking the attention of a hiring manager, future C-suite colleagues, business partners or talent recruiters, then you need to pay attention to what kind of professional that headshot is selling to the world.

I’ve come across ambitious careerists who don’t understand the value of adding a strong, engaging portrait to their LinkedIn profile page. One that tells the story of the leader they want to be seen as.

You need to project an image that sells you as a the right kind of executive. Say for example, you want to go for a Chief Technology Officer position, but your photo screams quiet, mousy, get-the-job-done-guy, who hides out in the back office staring at computer screens all day with his team of two.

If you want to look the part of the CTO, your headshot needs to project business leader, someone who is capable of foresight and innovation. It should help you look relatively charismatic and amiable; a confident communicator who can interface with clients easily and directly. Sure, you might still be working on developing these new leadership skills. But who’s gonna know?

For those who are job hunting on LinkedIn, or forwarding contacts and connections to your profile, get into the game and do it right. Gone are the days of the generic $99 white background corporate catch all look. What do you want to be known for? What do you want your image to say about what kind of person is coming to the grown up table?

Your resumé is only half the equation. Invest in the other half and stand out for what you believe about yourself.

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