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Branding Headshots Are Not Just For LinkedIn

I recently did a personal branding session for an industrious entrepreneur called Lukas Resheske who hired me to create a portfolio of images for his business website and marketing collateral.

Lukas is a successful author and copywriter with clients spanning Fortune 500 companies, hot new start-ups and small businesses across the globe. For his session we wanted to create a portfolio of images that showcased his approachable personality, down-to-earth manner and a fresh look that distinguishes him in a low-key but high-stakes marketplace. Lukas’ reputation precedes him so we had to make sure his visuals matched that in genuine ways.

Our session took place on-location near his home in Marina Del Rey where we found some background variety that played off his rugged good looks and personal style.

To learn more about Lukas’ business and how he is using some of the images from our shoot visit:

"Nic, we're in love with them! These are awesome and I love how they turned out!" ~ Lukas Resheske

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