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Hanging at the Abbey with the LAGLCC

I’ve been a proud member of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for almost a year, and as of this Spring, their official event photographer.

In my experience, the organization is comprised of a warm, welcoming people and has offered me some lovely get-to-know-you moments across their monthly and yearly events. Shooting for them is also providing me with the added benefit of showcasing to others what I have to offer as a photographer and professional. So it’s been a great way for me to interact and get to know many members within a short period of time.

As with my work for the LGBT Center, the more involved I get, the greater my sense of my place in our community. There’s been no better way for me to start building new relationships through authentic personal exchanges. And I’m glad we have a relaxed, fun environment in which to do so. Over the coming months, I hope to keep building stronger ties that turn into lasting friendships.

I encourage everyone to pop by during one of these monthly gatherings, have a drink, get your photo taken and enjoy the vibe. I don't think you'll regret meeting these folks. Kindness abounds.

For anyone interested in learning more or attending an event to see what it’s all about, visit or on Facebook at

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