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Beyond Social Media: Beautiful Portraits That Become Legacy

In the last couple of years, I’ve narrowed down my choice offerings to clients who want to make sure their favorite images live outside of their hard drives. Unless you’re like my Dad, who monthly creates a rotation of home screen images of his wife, children and grandkids to wistfully admire - most of us have folders of photos we might cherish but never look at.

So, in the spirit of educating my clients on why they deserve to adorn their walls with beautiful portraits of themselves and their loved ones, or at the very least, a gorgeously crafted coffee table book of their favorite hits, I’ll share some of the products I offer for print and why.

The Printed Folio Box

This is probably the most discreet, elegant way of owning prints of your favorite images without actually having to display them all at once. Like a treasure trove, the images rest inside a designer box that comes in grey or black linen with your initials embossed on the cover. Inside, the prints are individually matted and ready for framing or for display on a table easel. You get to showcase the ones you want depending on your mood, the company you keep and your best vantage point over a glass of wine.

The Metallic Print

There’s something very satisfying about a piece of metal that becomes art. The look and feel of a metallic print is like no other. It creates a glossy, high fashion sheen to any image. These prints are made to last, and don’t scratch easily. Once hung, you can clean them with a soft dry microfibre cloth. The look of a metal print is very modern and because it sits a couple of inches off the wall due to its raised backing, it has cool “float” appearance from any angle. I suggest these prints for black and white, colorful or moody portraits. They will last for decades when well cared for.

The Acrylic Print

This is the pop medium for those who want their portraits to come alive on their walls. Long a favorite of landscape photographers, acrylic images look “lit up” from within to show off bright colored, high contrast images that command attention. Whether for glamour or candid portraits, acrylics tend to work really well in industrial spaces with neutral wall tones and streamline furnishings. They must be carefully handled for they do scratch up rather easily.

The Large Format Print

For clients who appreciate the value of classic beauty, large prints are beyond compare when it comes to their display power. Paired with the right mat and frame, they become veritable works of art suited to any living space. Whether as solo pieces or a multi-frame gallery wall, my prints range in standard sizes from 8x10 to 24x36 inches.

I recommend to all my clients that they invest in at least one “statement” piece that lives on their wall and, of all of the printed mediums, this is my favorite as it never goes out of style.

The Coffee Table Album

There are so many choices regarding the types of albums one can create, from bridal to baby albums…The options are endless but I’ve settled on a book format that is square and showcases about 30 - 40 images across 20 pages. This is a hard cover, professionally bound book that most people could put together on their own with enough time and creativity. But for the most part, my clients are relieved to have me do the heavy lifting and let me run with the layout, design and overall look of their album. I always provide up to two revisions to make sure everyone’s happy before going to print, and once created, the PDF generates a limitless number of books in print or digital format to share with loved ones.

The Folio Stick

I gift a branded thumb drive in its own encasing to clients who purchase 20 or more images. The drive contains all the client’s choice images in both high and low resolution versions for printing and sharing. The thump drive also provides for a tangible back-up in case one's computer goes on the fritz.

Et voila! These choice products are offered through Nicolette Jackson-Pownall Photography but I am always happy to help with any other format options that might be of interest such as canvas or wood, as well as soft cover albums and specialty items like ornaments or jewelry.

To discuss creating works of art to compliment your home decor and design aesthetic, please contact me directly at or call 310.622.4580

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