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Magazine-Style Portraits For Every One

I’ve been torn as a photographer between wanting to capture beautiful moments of subjects caught in the midst of candid and authentic expressions, and the desire to create a different kind of portrait, one that is defined by a more editorial-like approach to revealing my subject's beauty, strength and character.

I’ve often thought these two methods of portrait taking were at odds with one another. That the artist in me who admires the stylized work of Herb Ritts, Annie Liebovitz, Mark Seliger and Yousuf Karsh could not find unity with the part who loves more spontaneous and natural recordings. But of course portraiture, in all its forms is always a reflection of how the photographer sees her subject.

In my glamour work, I choose to reveal something unique about my clients, something deeply honest yet transformative. Whether I do so through a guided pose surrounded by an environment we've created, or whether it comes out in a captured in-between moment, when preparation meets unfiltered expression, my subject is able to experience herself in a way that is open and real. I provide a safe, nurturing space where she can show me her light: a singular beauty defined by her style and personality.

No longer are celebrities the sole beneficiaries of beautiful, magazine style photography. This type of portraiture is gaining momentum as a popular genre. It is fashion forward. It is conceptual. It is creative yet true to the person being photographed. It is empowering and moving; a celebratory gift to oneself and to our loved ones.

I suggest this experience to everyone. It will change the way you see yourself.

For more more information on booking a shoot with me, email or call 310.622.4580

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