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Styling & Wardrobe Choices for Your Glamour Shoot

If you look at your clothes and think to yourself you have absolutely nothing to wear to a photoshoot then welcome to tips on styling and wardrobe choices, part one.

Though most of us don't have racks of Vanity Fair-worthy outfits to choose from, there resides somewhere in the deep reaches of our closet, at least one or two unique pieces that were purchased on a passionate whim for special occasions that never happened. Those items should be the first things you pull out when considering what to wear to your shoot.

Glamour sessions are about expressing that part of you that is often buried below the surface of the day-to-day. The you who saw that hot pink chiffon and thought, my God, I must have this! Or the you who splurged on a strapless Yves St Laurent gown but has never had the nerve to wear it. Now is the time for audacity and the dusting off of your effervescence. Whatever item made your heart skip a beat, it can often serve as a nice starting point to designing your shoot. From floppy hats to stiletto heels, and any matter of skin coverage in betwixt, the point is to showcase your personal aesthetic in ways that will make you feel beautiful and radiant with self-confidence.

And if you no longer fit into that pretty, glittery little number, we can always hook you up with our in-house stylist. Who will rummage through your wardrobe and come up with fabulous, fashion-inspired combinations you had never conceived of, or even more fun, take you on an afternoon shopping spree.

For more information on booking a shoot contact me at or 310-622-4580

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