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Studio versus On-Location Shoots

I am a photographer without a fixed studio. It gives me the flexibility to photograph my clients in a variety of locales and professional spaces for a plethora of choices in terms of lighting, environment and moods. From beach scenery to rooftop city views and white walled studios flooded in natural light to desert hotel rooms decorated circa 1944, there is place for every type of photoshoot imaginable.

So as a private portrait client, how do you decide what is best for you?

You need to consider the kind of portraiture you want and the story about you that it serves. For example, personal branding headshots set the tone for who you are and what you stand for. The environment can play a big part in establishing the look you're going after. A dark moody portrait taken downtown at night might pair well with a crime novelist. Whereas a hip Silicon Beach techie could be photographed in a bright, colorful office space or against a clean, white background. If you are a Chef, being in a professional kitchen or interacting at the farmer's market, would reinforce your personal brand image. And if you're an artist, you could be photographed hard at work painting or sculpting in your studio.

If you are seeking glamour or editorial type portraits, you'd be amazed at how much beauty and fantasy can be found in the nooks and crannies of our city. But if you are more at ease in an intimate setting, then a professional photo studio complete with props, backdrops, makeup station, fitting area and so on, will do best. For those who envision wearing a long red gown in a Louis XVI damask chair surrounded by richly embroidered curtains and velvet wallpaper, there are many incredible hotel rooms and theater spaces that can act as your very own closed set.

Parents, great photos can be taken of your kids playing in the sand or kicking a soccer ball down the field. But you might consider more "posed" sessions, that strike a balance between togetherness and playfulness without coming off as cheesy. As much as the trend leans toward in the moment shots, choosing the right environment for your session will depend how you see yourselves as a family. Are you outdoorsy? More urban and stylized? Are you theme park goers who like to ham it up and want someone to follow you around Disney World snapping happy memories?

From simple backgrounds and lighting set ups to elaborate scenes and clothing choices, together we will conceptualize a photoshoot that tells the story of you through images that reflect your best self.

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