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Capturing A Family Reunion In The Hollywood Hills

Yeney and her wife were already married but they wanted to bring family and friends together to celebrate their union and their love. They created an especially magical experience for everyone by renting a luxury home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, which provided a glamorous setting for their black tie soirée.

I showed up around 5pm, before the arrival of their guests and took portraits of Yeney and her relatives, who had flown in for the weekend from Tampa, Florida. It was quite a treat to photograph such a decked-out group whose collective sense of style helped create some beautiful results. As twilight approached, friends came into the fold, and I was able to capture candid and posed shots of everyone enjoying themselves and regaling in the couple's union.

I believe that joyful family gatherings, whether for the holidays or special life events, are the perfect occasion to create legacy portraits that honor and celebrate your relationships. And these are even more meaningful when we get to include the grandparents.

To learn more about how we can capture memories of your next family reunion, contact me at or call 310.622.4580


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