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Pumpkin Patch Love

I'm on this quest to capture children being children in situations and environments that feel more natural than a studio. I love to photograph them in a candid, documentary style because I feel these portraits truly show them off in some of the most authentically beautiful and funny ways.

So on a crazy busy Sunday afternoon I met the lovely Herrera family at Shawn's pumpkin patch in mid-town. I don't know why I thought it would offer the right setting for doing portraits but I was focused on providing these two cutie pies with an experience they could enjoy as much as possible.

Their parents, Deanna and Jared, were not only patient but super cool about my running around with the kids in a sea of people. We even squeezed in a family portrait for good measure. We managed to make the best of it, but I think next time we'll hit the beach!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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