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Wine, Wisdom & Vision – Annual Fundraiser for AIDS Research and Education

The Entertainment Aid Alliance (renamed as of 2018), a nonprofit dedicated to funding research, treatment and prevention programs for HIV and AIDS, held their annual fundraiser at the prestigious Roosevelt hotel in Los Angeles.

Sponsored by some of Hollywood’s largest studios, the evening hosted an incredible number of silent auction items ranging from autographed celebrity memorabilia, framed original photographs and prints, trips to exotic destinations, and exquisite pieces of antique jewelry.

In nearly three decades since its’ inception in 1989, the EAA has spent over $5 million in support of AIDS service organizations nationwide and continues to run almost entirely through pro-bono professionals and volunteers.

The fight against HIV isn't over, organizations such as the EAA provide ongoing education and treatment opportunities to stop an epidemic that affects millions of adults and children worldwide.

You can learn more about this organization and its work at

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