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A Personal Branding Shoot With The Effervescent, Karineh.

I love working with all different types of clients. From those who usually hate the way they look in photos, to the ones who go from professional obligation to booking a day-long glamour shoot for the fun of it, to those who have long understood the value of creating beautiful portraits of their families and themselves to celebrate their lives.

Karineh was one such client. Her family is well acquainted with the lens. Yearly portraits adorn their respective walls, she is certainly the opposite of camera shy and has a good idea of what she wants to get out of her session. As soon as we connected about creating a new LinkedIn headshot and throwing in a few distinct looks for her social media feed, I knew it was going to be a blast. She is a high powered, well-travelled executive from the beauty and health sector so her brand had to authentically reflect those qualities paired with her flair for stylish fashion.

She is also an example of being well prepared. She sent me a few referral shots of the kinds of business looks she was attracted to and went on a little shopping spree to spruce up her wardrobe with some choice items, which we then decided on together via FaceTime a few days before the shoot.

On the morning of her session she had her hair done and stepped into the studio with her A game on. She brought a positive attitude, high energy and the belief we were all there to work together as a team to deliver the images she wanted. She let her personality come through in every shot because she trusted the process and allowed herself to be guided without worrying about the results. In fact, I don’t think I showed her a single image from the back of the camera until the very end, when we were playing with the red dress against the back light.

She was utterly fabulous, and I believe, delighted in the chance to reveal various facets of her personality in such beautiful and captivating ways. I loved photographing her, and the results demonstrate the symbiosis we so often crave as artists in working with clients who allow themselves the freedom to simply be themselves.

For more information on booking a personal branding shoot with me - email or call 310.622.4580

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