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Celebrating The Men In Our Lives

Father’s Day is in a couple of weeks and I thought I’d make the case for Dads deserving to be cherished and honored through visual keepsakes as much as the mothers of their children do.

Although most men would prefer to have a prostate exam then subject themselves to a photoshoot, their ongoing existence in family albums, and through individual portraits that mark the different stages of their own life, will be of great importance to their children and grandchildren as they seek out images that show off the best of who he was.

I only have a few portraits of my dad throughout his life, and certainly not enough of us together. I wish we had dozens and dozens more - images that do justice to what a connected and engaged parent he has always been and beautiful moments captured between his grandchildren, his wife of 50 years and us, his kids, grown older yet still very much his kids.

So I advocate for the creation of authentic images that celebrate fatherhood and the bonds that tie men to their families. I advocate for recording memories that don’t have to come about in tedious, posed ways. For example, one could hire a visual spy-on-the-wall to snap candid images of everyone as they skip around Disneyland, or during that long-awaited vacation to Hawaii. This is a great way to create authentic keepsakes while giving the one who often stands behind the lens a chance to be in front of it for a change.

And if booking a studio session causes him to roll his eyes, he might change his mind when he sees how charismatic and handsome he is with a few quick minutes of one-on-one time. And for creative types who aspire to a custom version of a family portrait that reflects their tribe’s true dynamics, editorial-style shots can be a great option to show off everyone’s special quirks.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s simply a matter of finding the right photographer for you, and perhaps just as importantly, for him.

For more information on booking a shoot with me, email or call 310-622-4580

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